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About the book

Business Python

Business Python: an example-based guide started out as a presentation to my work colleagues at Finalix Business Consulting.  I wanted to show them not only how Python had transformed my own on-the-job performance  but also how they, too, could leverage this powerful, free, easy-to-learn tool.  A little Python knowledge lets you automate tedious tasks, generate test data, perform reconciliations, aggregations and joins, process data in a structured, auditable way, and transcend the limitations of your standard office software. 

Business Python, like Business English, focuses on what you need to be effective in a business context.  The goal isn’t to become an expert Python developer, but to be the “one-eyed person among the blind.”

In the book, I not only share my experiences of how Python saved me countless headaches (even transforming me into a hero a time or two), but also practical, easy-to-follow examples and explanations of Python concepts.

What will you get from Business Python?

Why Python?

What is Python? How did it evolve? What is it good for? Who uses it?

Why Business Python?

True-life success stories from the author's career managing change as a business consultant

Nuts and bolts

All the basics you need to start, with explanations, commentary & examples

Applied Python

Step-by-step recipes for conversions, statistics, aggregations, joins, data cleansing, web-scraping, integration with MS Office, and more!

Tips and tricks

What to pay attention to and what you can safely ignore, how to get help, what packages to use for your current use case

Topic index

Ten pages of quick reference to help you find your way back to the examples you need, when you need them

Ready to experience Business Python for yourself?

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About the author

Theodore Deden

I started studying Electrical and Computer Engineering in 2000, right about the time that the dot com bubble burst.  My freshman year, things were still so crazy that newly minted technology firms were recruiting smart engineering students even years before they would graduate.  But by the time I graduated, things had cooled off significantly.  There were still plenty of jobs around, but all the decent ones entailed a level of specialization that I preferred to avoid.  I was looking for more variety.


I unexpectedly found this variety in the financial industry.  My first job out of engineering school was as an equities analyst in an old private bank in Eastern Switzerland.  This gave me the chance to not only learn about financial reporting and analysis, but also about all the different companies I was analyzing and how their businesses (and, respectively, their whole industries) operate.

A decade later, with an MBA and a CFA charter under my belt, it was time for me to start really getting my hands dirty.  Proficient as I was at it, I had had enough of the passive, armchair-quarterback role of an analyst.  I was ready to directly engage the wheels of industry and be a force for positive change.  I found my new home in a boutique, financial-industry consulting firm operating in the greater Zurich region.

Change management consulting has been wonderful for me.  In the past five years, I have received both theoretical training and practical experience in areas such as project management, software testing, Agile methodologies, organiza­tional transformation, process engineering, and data migration (among others).  It was also during this time that I came to know and love the Python pro­gramming language. 

Inexplicably, most businesspeople I meet still don’t know Python, despite its ubiquity, its utility, and its ease of use.  That’s a shame.  For me, it has trans­formed my career in positive, exciting, and unexpected ways.  With this book, I hope that Python will do the same for yours.


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